Here’s exactly
What you’ll learn when you join the coaching program now
What you’ll learn when
you join the coaching program now

Campaign Manager navigation and mastery, and understanding all technical aspects of the platform.

Different types of campaigns available, campaign structures, and understanding how to foundationally succeed.

Launching different campaigns, all the different campaign strategies available, and what to launch based on current goals.

Successful monitoring all the different campaigns, what to look for, all the red flags, and all the green flags to help scale.

Optimizing the campaigns for profit, detailed bid management, and the formulas for optimizing bids for maximum profitability and rank.

Continuous improvement on all aspects of PPC, and the foundational concepts to deal with the continuous changes Amazon rolls out.

About The Mentor
Taught by Mina, who runs his own million-dollar supplement brand on Amazon. We are the only ones who practice what we preach

Mina Elias

Starting on Amazon as a new seller with no experience, just an excellent knowledge of supplements, Mina operated his own Amazon PPC advertising campaigns for many years. While working in a corporate 9-5 position as a chemical engineer, Mina spent every spare moment developing a deep understanding of the “ins and outs” of Amazon PPC advertising.

Through experience and trial and error, and spending hundreds of thousands of his own money on advertising spend, he developed successful methods and strategies and, in time, grew a highly profitable brand that still exists today.

Determined to help others the same way others helped him, when he first started out, he started sharing all his learnings regarding Amazon pay per click advertising and selling on Amazon, on his own YouTube channel, in Facebook groups and on Podcasts.

His knowledge and unique strategies for Amazon PPC appealed to people. His advice and his expertise were in high demand. Amazon sellers from across the globe were seeking his help to manage their Amazon PPC advertising. And so, with his passion for teaching and helping others, Trivium was born!

Mina built a team of experts and trained them to apply his methods and strategies. After initially offering his management service to friends, he started taking on new clients. From there Trivium has continued to grow rapidly and, with increased demand, so has the team.

Having featured on many podcasts and presentations at international conferences, talking about the strategies he developed and applied to create a successful 7-figure business in a highly competitive niche, Mina has become a thought-leader and a prominent figure in the Amazon PPC space.

Mina Elias | Trivium Group
What’s Waiting For You
Chapter #1:
Introduction to Amazon PPC
Learn how to use Amazon's pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform to reach more customers and boost your sales.
Chapter #2:
Understanding Campaigns
Create and manage effective Amazon PPC campaigns that target the right customers and get results.
Chapter #3:
Targeting and Match Types
Choose the right targeting options and match types to ensure your ads are seen by the people who are most likely to buy from you.
Chapter #4:
Research and Product Ranking
Understand how Amazon's product ranking algorithm works and use this knowledge to improve your product's visibility.
Chapter #5:
Reports and Optimization
Track your results and make adjustments to your campaigns to improve your return on investment (ROI).
Chapter #6:
Analytics and Data Interpretation
Use Amazon's data to gain insights into your customers and make better decisions about your marketing campaigns.
Chapter #7:
Demand Side Platform (DSP)
Use a DSP to automate your Amazon PPC campaigns and get the most out of your advertising budget.
Meet Katya, Paradise Naturals - FROM $0 TO $30M
Industry: Dietary supplements

PPC University transformed my Amazon business. In-depth modules, actionable insights, and direct impact on sales growth. Best decision ever!

Andy Craig - “Mina is a master at PPC”
Industry: Coaching, digital products, book sales

The PPC University course empowered me to master Amazon advertising. From setting goals to data-driven decisions, it's the ultimate game-changer. My team and I swear by it!

Meet Katya- Scaling Profitably on Amazon
Industry: Fitness

Katya went from uncertain about what to do on Amazon to a kick ass boss entrepreneur and just launched her 6th product.

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